Friday, December 5, 2008

Bratz Theatre

Okay, I know I've been slacking off but I have a good reason, okay? I am department manager of Toys in a Walmart Super Center and it's Christmas time. Know anyone else that's going to be more overworked and tired right now? Maybe equally overworked and tired but I challenge you to find someone more so. Anywho, that's about to change and it's all with something I've been doing for a few months now.

Has anyone seen the Bratz Boyz line? I know we're all aware of the Bratz dolls, or as we like to call them at work Slutz, but few folks are aware of the Boyz line. Here are the official pictures of three of them from the Bratz official website. Cast a gander and then I'll explain what's what.




See anything that makes them different from Barbie's Ken? Look harder. I'd been seeing them every day since September '07 and I have never seen gayer looking dolls! Forget metrosexual, the makers of Bratz Boyz have ventured into full on homosexual! You may not want your daughters to get their body image or fashion sense from Bratz but you do want them dating boys like this! If they do, you know your little girl is going to come home in the same state she left home in. Well, maybe her hair will be highlighted but that's about it!

What does that have to do with my renewed posting you say? Easy. I finally gave in a few paychecks ago and bought one. And I made it look even gayer! I know, I know, hard to believe but I did it! I even took pictures. Then I bought another, gayed him up more too, and voila, we have boyfriends! 'Course then it snowballed and I kept buying more (there's five I know of available and I have all five) and with each new purchase there was more gaying up and more pictures in the scenario. Originally I just sent these things to my phone and showed friends but then I started having our Photo Lob at work start making prints and showing them around. Now acquaintances at work are coming up and asking to see them or friends bring friends over. One girl in Photo Lab keeps asking me if the new scenario is done yet!

So anyways, I've titled this series Bratz Theatre and have quite an adventure, which will culminate in a Russian Gay Adoption (not quite what you might picture!) once I figure out how to depict parts of it and after that it'll be recasting the Boyz in new parts. I even bought one of the Beach Party Ken dolls to add a little zest and I have an idea for a scenario involving maybe Barbie but definitely two of the Bratz themselves!

Now to begin, the before and after picture of the very first Bratz Boyz to come out of the clozet, Cameron!


This is the pic I took of him in the package and once I got done with him?


See? You can too gay up the Bratz Boyz even more. Stay tuned for next time when we meet Dylan and see what I did with him!

PS: SallyP and Sea_of_Green eat your hearts out!


ComicsAllTooReal's Chris said...

Heehee, just noticed you're using "gay" Dylan as your profile picture. The doll looks cute, considering Mattel is going all over the Bratz line and killing all of the girls and stuff.

Sea_of_Green said...

Ha! :-D

Yeah, it'll be interesting to see what happens now that Mattel has won their Barbie-vs.-Bratz lawsuit. I think Bratz are about to become an endangered species.

AWriterWithGuts said...

I LOVE your "boyz". They look so cute together. I too make gay dollz. Men and women, and sell on ebay. Have been doing this for years.
I use GI Janes and similar for the 'Gurrlz' and many male action figures, for the guyz-they have great 'man' bodies, but my preference is for the gurrlz, like me! Ha, ha! Would love to make a gay video with dolls, esp the handsome Bratz boyz.
I am a doll artist and collector, who lives in rural Hawaii! Aloha nui loa, ;~}