Saturday, August 23, 2008

This May Be The Funniest Product Name Ever!

Okay, so not ever. The twenty inch Boy's Intruder still wins that race. Oh, and the Worm Blower beats this one (and maybe the Ball Popper). Anywho, here's what I rang someone up for the other day:


Butt Paste! That's not just a description of the product but its freaking name! Me and the customer got a good laugh out of that. And BTW, she swears it's the greatest thing she's ever found for diaper rash if you need that kind of remedy.

Oh, as an aside, I sent my niece, the Incredible Jenny (tm), a picture text of this product from work the day I took this picture. She texted me back to say she thinks her boss uses it on her face.

(Hint: The Incredible Jenny (tm) doesn't really care for her boss!)

1 comment:

Sea_of_Green said...

Hey, Butt Paste is actually a pretty good product! It's one of those necessary evils when you have a baby around the house.

'Course, I always do feel silly buying the stuff, though ...