Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I've Been *shudder* Tagged

Thank you sea_of_green for this opportunity to go so far outside my comfort zone that I can't see it with SpyGear's owl themed set of binoculars. I had to find my favorite post (not favorite post of mine as I first thought but of someone else's. I'm Irish, after all) and that's not easy because I visit forty-four blogs every day (forty-five on Sunday). Not every one posts every day or that would be unmanageable even with my having no life but that does mean I've visited one hell of a lot of posts.
So I started looking over the lists, deleting those that post mostly, um, pictures and those that are novelty acts. Then it hit me.
There's this blog called Armagideon Time (a Clash reference, I gather) which combines music links, comics talk, smart talk about topics that interest its writer, bitterandrew, and sometimes painful self-examination and memories.
My favorite post was one where bitterandrew described how his life and the life of a stray cat intersected for a time. I was seriously moved by how the man accidentally revealed what a good soul he is in this post. Hat's off to the man and the link to the post is below for anyone else who cares to be similarly moved. Or find final proof their heart is made up of stone. Whatever.
The link to both sea_of_green's Hoosier journal of inanity and Armagideon Time's wonderful post are below but you have to cut and paste to use them and again I'd like to apologize to my two loyal readers that I am still unable to do that link HTML where you imbed it in a picture or typeface. is to sea_of_green's blog and the wonderful post of Armagideon Time is at

Edit: Oh, yeah. I guess I have to tag five others but I'll just have to say who they are since I have that whoel HTML handicap: Armagideon Time, Legion Omnicon, (,, and Comics Make No Sense. I've been meaning to update the link list on the right for the while so I guess this is my chance!


Sea_of_Green said...

Awwwww ... I apologize again for slapping you with that tag, Baal, but then I wouldn't have gotten to read the story about Tess and Peppi. You're right -- it takes someone with real heart to do what Bitterandrew did. Thanks for sharing the tale!

bitterandrew said...

Aw, thanks, man.

I will have to get to thinking about my selection.