Wednesday, September 24, 2008

They Get My Vote!

There are two candidates I don't think I can resist voting for:


The only problem with this one is there's a giant flag I edited out of his header to repost it and isn't that one of the 666 signs of Republicanism? I've only voted for two previous Republicans in my nearly thrity years of voting and I'm not sure I can vote McCain and a second one. It's a shame because I want Bob Lord to win and work his way up to running for president, whereupon he will choose as his running mate Larry Savior (I made that name up. Can you tell?) and then we can have the choice of voting for Our Lord and Savior!


Mister Doody's easier on my conscience because it says Democrat right on his header! I even have a slogan for him if he likes: Do Your Duty With Doody!

BTW, show of hands how many people think my sense of humor will win out over an vestigial conscience I have left? You're probably right...

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