Saturday, August 9, 2008

My Customers Are As Warped As I Am

I love my customers sometimes (and I don't just mean the hot ones who dress appropriately for the weather in Phoenix during August). Below is a picture of an evil looking baby doll someone added a bumper sticker to.
Now this is the line of baby dolls I call the Evil Cannibal Baby Line (tm). The makers disagree and call it something else. I think the bumper sticker is oddly appropriate and here's a close up of it:
Yes, Metallica VS The Cannibal Baby! Sounds like a great plot for an indie flick, eh?

I just remembered that I had a picture that's a close up of the face of another doll in the Cannibal Baby Line (tm):
I dare you to tell me that baby doesn't look like it wants to eat your face!

1 comment:

Sea_of_Green said...

ALL baby dolls are inherently evil. Only real babies look cute and innocent. ;-)