Saturday, August 30, 2008

Lifts AND Separates!

I found a really cool box when stocking bike accessories today*. The abbreviation they used just conjured up so many cool images for us.

In the interest of full disclosure, I should say that Speedo is somehow Bell's on the shipping box abbreviation for speedometer. It also illustrates why I think every company should have one employee whose only job is to read everything the company prints out loud. 'Course, that would have put an end to the Twenty Inch Boys Intruder but no plan's perfect!

Now, out at the smoking table we got to talking about the wireless Speedo and it got us thinking about the Speedo with wires. That'd be like an underwire bra, don't you think? We pretty much decided that an underwire Speedo would probably sell quite well.

* My boss announced today that we are now calling the Bike Accessories area the Ass Section. I didn't understand why and forgot to ask but it just sounds too cool not to go along with...


Sea_of_Green said...

Is that kinda like an electric blanket?

Crazy Toy Lady said...

Lmao! It's that Ass section because I can't spell much less abreviate. I always want to abreviate accessory as ass for some reason. And since we both hate the section it seemed to work :)