Sunday, July 27, 2008

This Is Probably Only Funny To Me

This is some Pokemon character. It's part of an assortment of plushes we sell. Which Pokemon isn't important (or I might have read the tag to find out) but rather the bottom of this POkemon is.
Is it just me or have the makers of this Pokemon plush not only given this guy an anus but a dirty one at that? I'm all for realism in plushes but that takes it just a wee little step too far, don't you think?

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J. said...

The Japanese have a thing about assholes being funny. They like to draw them onto adorable things, for example, and schoolkids sometimes play this prank where you put your hands together with both pointer-fingers out, and poke other people right in their poopers. Can't remember what the second's called, but I think Tokyo Mango talked about it not too long ago.

The ancient Greeks had a similar crinkle-star fascination, but for different reasons ebtirely....