Thursday, August 2, 2007

Embarrassing Admission Concerning Essential Defenders Volume Two

You know, I can't remember more than three of my twelve nieces and nephews birthdays. I don't recall an incident with a coworker where he tricked me into giving him forty dollars of gift cards at all. I constantly walk out to the kitchen and then wonder why I did it. My memory is THAT bad yet when I was reading Essential Defenders Volume Two yesterday and got to the second to last story, a fill in story done Defenders 30 and done very badly. It had a Maggia chieftain with delusions of adequacy who put the Defenders in a death trap that included robots that danced and sang show tunes while they killed you. The embarrassing admission was that I knew the name of the villain of the story before he appeared. THAT I can remember but not the stuff I listed above? Yikes.

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